Standing at one lottery, BamBam, GOT7, dumb lottery, IIG was straight, final number 1 prize

18 Mar

This draw, dumb, lucky numbers. When the singer, Bam Bam Kanpimuk Phuwakun or BamBam, GOT7 posted a clip showing age from face to ing In the clip, the system guessed that the 24-year-old said, but he wrote the caption, "Lol I thought I look 46". At this event, Akase (Korean fan club GOT7) didn't miss to buy the lucky number 46 from the cap. Of BamBam too หวยเด็ดงวดนี้

Most recently, when the government lottery was announced For the draw date of 16 March 2020, the 1st prize is the number 503446, the last 46 is exactly the number in the caption of the video clip that BamBam posted GOT7 previously. Kinds do not have to return numbers to waste time. This event doesn't tell, it is known that the Akase are winning the lottery again and hashtag #BamBam Trend with Twitter Thailand again as usual As well as being in the trend of Twitter in the world too, making BamBam and GOT7 secretly surprised by themselves Post a photo of yourself on Instagram and write a message that "Again? Is it too magical? "

If this is the most accurate dumb lottery I'm curious about the next Akas Quest quest for a lucky number from the owner.



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